Exciting News

Some of you have heard, but I've not posted anything official. Last Tuesday Shea went into Ameriforce and tested for a job at Ingalls. He went through Ameriforce because they don't have to take the strength/agility test that did him in last time. Shea is now working in the shipyard as a pipefitter again. He's on his third day today.

We are all still adjusting to the new schedule. We all go to bed at 8pm. Shea and I get up at 4. I do a 15 min work out, sit at the computer for a little bit, and at 5:30 I make breakfast. We get in the shower around 6:15a. And then we get the final touches on going to school and deciding what is coming to work with me when I pick them up.

I go in to work early now. I still need to work on my schedule a little. But I can't do much until I get a better feel for how things are with the girls pick up schedule. Yesterday, I didn't wait long, the day before I did. So I don't know.

I pick the girls up around 3, I leave the office around 2:50 which gives me enough time to get them.

All in all it's going well. Supper is a big chore though we have this week covered.

I am tired in the morning and caffeine is necessary. Though I may have to force myself into tea with caffeine, but really I can't do it with out sugar so is sugar better or soda? It all comes down to calories I guess.

But I'm working out now. I hope to keep doing it first thing in the morning. 2 days in and I'm sore, but that's to be expected.

Wish us luck as we start this new chapter as a two income family.

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