Resolution Failure

As usual my goals for 2013 have pretty much failed.

* Lose weight - ulimate goal: 136 min 130 prefered
* Continue working on A Dark Journey stories
* Write at least one application for the web and mobile platforms
* Finish the Wheel of Time series
* Teach The girls the basics of writing a program (only if interested)
* Start reading the girls some chapter books

The only thing I did accomplish was finishing the Wheel of Time. It only took me two months.

I'm always working or thinking about A Dark Journey. Though I didn't write much. I did attempt Camp Nano this year and I met my word count goal but not the goal of writing everyday.

I did lose weight on and off. I'm currently down 10 lbs but not for my trying. I was diagnosed with High Blood pressure and I was retaining water. So all the weight that I've lost was just water weight that the meds have helped me reduce.

The girls have been introduced to Scratch, a programming interface aimed at young kids and beginners. But the biggest accomplishment here is Kathleen is learning how to type in school. So that's one step closer to teaching her.

I have not completed any applications. I have started many but not followed through. Not for lack of time or motivation. Just move on to another project too quickly. I need to work on that.

Kathleen is reading chapter books on her own so I didn't feel the need to read them to her. She started Harry Potter, though she doesn't read it much she has started it tho.

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