New years resolutions? yes and no. I want to make changes and to do that I'm starting a goal tracking program for myself. I have a small list of goals that I want to accomplish on specific days and reasons for each of them.

Every work day I want to write here, in my journal. I noticed that when I was going back to do my Christmas Newsletter that I really hadn't written anything here except my step sons wedding and out trip to New York. I know I missed a lot of things. I can't say I'll write on the weekends but those will be bonus Everyday at lunch I need to sit down and make a simple small note so that things are recorded for posterity and for next year. I might also start wrting more on moving to Laravel as I will be working that from Code Igniter here soon at work and it will be a big process but it's all doable.

I will also be tracking my daily pill intake. Which is mostly for my forgetful mind. I do forget if I take my pills even though I am very good at doing so for myself not so good with remembering anyone elses.

I will incorporate fruits and vegetables into all meals. One to eat less of the bad stuff and two just because it's healthy.

I am trying to kill the soda consumption and this is by far the hardest change, but it is NOT a trackable item. I will attempt to cut down on the caffeine intake and try to switch to green tea. However I know my weakness and if all things in moderation is the rule, I just have to learn it. Not to keep it out, but to moderate it.

And of course the all important exercise. I don't like to run, I don't like to walk, I don't like to cycle, I'm not likely to start up the Wii U to get into dance mode on a regular basis. And I'm not likely to go to a gym or a work out classs. What does that leave? Body weight exercises. I have a small list of exercises I want to do every week day.

I have found that doing those few exercises in the day is a great wake me up. So from the hours of about 4:30 to 5:30 I intend to do some push up, planks, squats, chair dips, butterflys, floor extensions and hip bridges. Maybe in the future I'll add some pull ups in. But right now I don't see that happening with no real place to do them at home.

I am looking for an app that will track many things and tweet those things to a given twitter account. I might have to end up creating one myself. Or installing wordpress and the correct plugin to do that. So if you know of one then I'd love to hear about it other wise I'll probably end up with wordpress doing most of the leg work until I can write my own (not complicated but just don't have the time).

So here's to a better me, not because you said I need to change, but because I need to.

On a side note, my company is sponsering a biggest loser type contest a pot to be split by weight loss percentage for all participants. So yay for accountablity in this next year.

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