Brr Cold

I haven't posted the past 2 lunches cause I worked through them. Had to take Sam to the doctor for a potential ear infection, she was right, she had one. We spent nearly 2 hours in the doctors office waiting. While I was supposed to be at work. Thankfully I made up the time.

So that's why there was no posts. But for the past two days it's been freezing her in South MS. And to top it off the office has sporatic heat. Thankfully today is slightly better than yesterday, but my feet are still freezing and my fingers are cold. But it's slightly warmer.

The girls started school again after Christmas break, both of them really didn't want to go. Not because they don't like it but because they were use to staying home. It's all good I guess, they went and Shea's home so he can pick them up. I don't have to go out in the cold again. He does, which I don't envy but I'm glad I don't have to rush.

I've lost about 2 lbs since the Friday weigh in at work. On their scales and will report on Friday where I stand. I'm not counting calories and I have managed to cut out the soda, but I'm still drinking hot coccoa/capiccino in the morning to wake/warm up. We'll see how it goes, but other than the green tea I have I've not had any additional caffeine.

Work is lovely. While not overly challenging project it's time sensative which gives it its own set of challenges. Thankfully it's must CRUD work with very little calculations involved. At least right now. I'm sure the reports will become complicated. But that's not really until we have data beyond my tests.

I'm eagerly waiting working in Laravel 4 on a regular basis. Hopefully by June I'll be able to work fully in it. But it all depends on how fast I can rewrite existing code. At the very least the new site will be using Laravel 4. Which is good, was my first Codeigniter site. Same basic function just different store. We are hoping for a new look around April.

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