New Server at Work = Laravel

Today and yesterday started the fun process of creating a new web server. Yay! and Boo! Long boring hard work is ahead but the benifits out weight the boring hard work. Fruitful boring work! Once we get the web server up and running I can finally begin the long audious task of converting my CI applications at work into Laravel 4! No fun you say? Me I look forward to that adventure. I cannot wait until the day that I can work with nothing other than Laravel.

I've learned so much working here and Laravel has played a bit factor in that in these past recent months. It has taught me to be a better developer! Needless to say with Laravel even if I stop using it down the road. Chances are I won't have to redo a crap ton of work because it'll easily port into a new system because of the way it is built. I don't forsee a reason to switch, but then again I didn't see one with Code Igniter either. But this will be a far better solution than CI.

Why am I not using it now, or converted earlier? The biggest reason being that I could not for the life of me get freeBSD to play nice with MSSQL and PDO. I am not a sys admin, I know my way around, I can do most things, and the rest I google. But that! That was beyond my scope and my comfort zone. We had someone who could do it when I got here, sadly he left. Our new IT guy doesn't do much with nix based systems, great with windows. And since MSSQL and mySQL are a requirement for my job, they have to play nice. So we are migrating to a WAMP system. Maybe one day I can play with other server types, but for now I know this will work!

I can now maintain the software much easier by myself. And the windows permissions and stuffage I don't know our IT guy does or we can get the inforamtion quickly.

So today I am listening to Laracasts while I work. I started with the SOLID vids first, those are where I want to concentrate. I've hit a few basics, but I know the basics of Laravel pretty well. Now hitting a few of the more questions in my mind. I do very much enjoy working with Laravel.

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