Writing again?

I take a look back at what I've written here over the past here and I'm appalled at my lack of anything. Seriously horrible on my part. I hope to change that.

My best friend writes everyday in many places. I can't say I will write everyday, but I will do my best to write at least once a week. My goal is to write every weekday. But I don't think I have all that much to say so I'll be happy with once a week.

I just got back home from my folks place in New York, we are settling in. We've gone grocery shopping, Shea's picked up Lady from the kennel and we are all winding down. The girls have two more days off from school where they'll be at work with me. So here's to hoping those go well. I know I have tons of work to do do. I'll have a write up of my vacation soon as I can think again.

I do have resolutions. All revolving around things I am already doing anyway, so hopefully I'll make the habits all stick. WE'll see. That will also be another post coming up soon.

This is basically just a "Hey I plan on writing here again" so you all know what's going on.

I've switched back to WordPress from Wardrobe CMS, not that it was a bad system, just easier for me to keep up with like this I guess.

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