The Journey to a Better Me

Resolutions come and go. I rarely actually finish most of them. My goal is to be a better me. That's what my goal is.

I want to eat better, kill the soda, but I know it won't happen, so limit my Dr. Pepper is a better goal. So far so good. I'd like to lose weight. I've added morning workout, 30 mins of stationary bike or some calisthenics (squates, push-ups, etc). I'm also limiting the carbs. I've a good breakfast going if I remember to make it. Lunch is finger foods, grilled chicken, cheese, nuts, and raw veggies - mostly carrots and celery. The snap peas I will keep around but I probably won't get those everyday cause right now Sam is eating them like crazy.

I want to be a better Mom. I will temper my temper when they are in trouble. That will be a challenge. This goes hand in hand with being a better wife. Temper my temper. Give more to my family whom I completely adore.

I want to be a better programmer. I always strive to be the best I can here, but this year, I intend to begin implementing TDD design into my everyday work. I would really love to learn AngularJS. I will completely understand SOLID design patterns this year at least I hope so.

I want to complete an actual app I will use. I have so many running around in my head, my problem is I get distracted so easily with new shiny objects, or get hung up and move on to something else until I feel the desire to wrastle with it again which usually means I start over from scratch.

I want to be the avid reader I was in college. I love reading. It's a better escape than television. Thankfully this goes hand in hand with the 30 min bike ride.

I want to write. Here, First Age, my own stuff, my character building website I created. Writing is mind freeing. It gives me an outlet, a way to cleanse the mind of all things.

So here is to a better me in the new year.

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