Almost a month in?

Of all the things that I've been trying to do, there is one thing I'm excelling at. Reading! I have caught up on all of my Anita Blake books, ready for the new one out in June. I've caught up on Merry Gentry too. I also started a new series from Patricia Briggs. I like it so far, I've read 3 of them so far, Shea's on the forth right now while I read the Divergent Series. I have the 3rd book and then the shorts about Four to read before I continue on with the new Mercy Thompson series.

I am writing, just not publicly. And I am working on an App outside of work, and learning Laravel 5. It's not that there is a lot to relearn, just new things to relearn and so far I'm loving it such cool new features.

I have not had a Dr Pepper in over a week. That is not to say I've not had any caffeine. Crystal Light and Great Value make a caffeinated Energy drink which seems to be hitting the trick, provided I actually remember to make one for the day. It's more caffeine put together than two sodas, but it's the best I can do I suppose. I had a coke zero today because I'm fighting off a migraine/caffeine withdrawl. The migraine meds seemed to help but then again I've had plenty of caffeine this morning too. So no telling for certain.

My goal still is to be a better me, but that is always my goal.

Dragon Hunting

Published on September 30, 2015

First Public Writing

Published on September 30, 2015