Will Miss You!

Yesterday I received a phone call in the middle of the day from my parents. Wasn't a bad sign right off, Mom's retired now maybe she was calling just to say hi. But when my Dad was the one on the phone I knew something bad had happened. I wasn't surprised when he told me that Grams had passed away. I had been dreading getting that phone call ever since I'd learned Grams wasn't doing well. It didn't hit me until after I'd hung up with my Dad.

I called Shea directly there after and told him. He told me to come home. But I know me and I know that if I came home with nothing to do I'd be a mess so I stayed at work and did my best to focus despite the sadness. The girls had open house that evening, and we ate dinner and did that. I called my Mom later that evening. We still haven't told the girls. We decided to let them get through the week of school before we told them.

Last night I cried. I don't know how long it took me to fall asleep but I eventually did. I kept playing out all the memories of Grams. I remember being little and coming to New York on vacation. I remember the smell of her house. It never changed even after a year of not being there. It always smelled the same. Vacations in New York were always my favorite. I remember seeing the ice-cream cone sign on the side of the road and knowing without a doubt we'd be there soon. And it was always painful leaving.

I don't think I have very many memories of Grams that didn't include every bit of family we had in the area at the time. Whether we were on vacation or someone else was visiting while we lived there, there was always family with Grams. Everything about our family comes from Grams. She raised an awesome family! There won't be a day that goes by that I won't think about her.

I will always fondly remember Sunday afternoon cards. "May I" will never be the same!

My love, my heart and my thoughts and prayers go out to all my family. As with everything else, we will get through this together. It is the best thing about our family. I will miss Grams greatly but she left behind a great legacy! We will see you again Grams. Lots of love and fondest memories.

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