First Public Writing

So I finally worked up the nerve to enter a writing contest. It cost me money to join - $20 I think. It earned me 6 weeks free writing group and a free ebook on writing short stories, so I felt it was a win win. And the upside is I got a peice of work critiqued AND published even if I didn't win.

I didn't win the contest - didn't really expect to. But it was a very large step for me. I rarely let people see my original pieces of writing. It's a self confidence thing - something I lack a great deal of in nearly everything I do despite my best efforts. So the fact that I let strangers see my work was a big step for me. To not opt out of the public viewing yet another big step for me. And then I publicly posted it on my facebook page. And now I'm finally posting about it on my blog.

The contest was a short story about First Meetings. I wrote about the first meetings of two of my characters that while seemingly insignificant will turn out really big in the long run. Or at least that is my goal. I think it'll happen, but as with any good story, the twists keep on coming. The Scent of Safety can be read at The Writing Practice. As I look at it now, it's been shared 26 times, and only twice by me.

Anyway, that is old news. In the near future - today, tomorrow, soon I hope. I will be posting here to my journal the very first scene to my current work in progress. This particular scene is part 1 of four sections. I am extremely happy with this one section. It's like draft six. I started writing it in third person limited, I didn't really feel the story so I rewrote the story in first person. But while I had been writing in third person somewhere in the middle towards the end, I blurted out one little fact of back story. This one little fact changed everything. It was a good thing I was rewriting the pov because the entire way the main character was reacting to things internally had changed. It had always been there, but I had the reason now.

It's one of the reasons I don't like to share my work. Because as I write I create more and more about my characters, I add back story that makes things make sense for now, but it can potentially impact what happened in the past. But not in substantial ways of the story. Just how I want the character to be perceived, how an action should go down. Not because this future event is more important but because this makes more sense for the character's development.

What I post in the next few days will probably change again before I'm completely happy with it. But I'm being brave. I'm showing you what goes on in the depths of my head when the voices talk to me. I hope that you will like, and if you don't well, I do apologize, but if there is a specific reason I'd really love to know. (And if there is a reason you really loved it I'd like to know that too. Critiques are welcome.)

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